Reporting To & Entering the Staff Office

Staff OfficeWhen entering the Staff Office, recruits will report to room F-112. Recruits shall knock three (3) times, loudly on the outside door, then enter on their own & close the door. Recruits shall avoid standing directly in front of the door, while knocking. Recruits shall wipe off or stomp their boots on the outside rug before entering the office, so as not to track in dirt.

Once in the office, either go directly to the staff member that you need to see, or contact the Operations Explorer.

Recruits summoned to the Staff Office shall report to the Operations Explorer, or, the staff member who summoned them. When reporting, the recruit shall say either:

If you were summoned to the office:
“Sir/Ma’am, Recruit (Your last name) reporting as ordered, Sir/Ma’am.”

If you are initiating the office visit:
“Sir/Ma’am, Recruit _________ requesting permission to speak to: (Title & Last name of the staff member), Sir/Ma’am.”

Recruits should walk up to the staff member and stop twenty-four (24) inches (two-feet) from the staff member and come to the position of attention (POA). If the staff member is seated at a desk, the recruit must stand twenty-four (24) inches (two-feet) from the desk and come to the position of attention (POA), facing the staff member.

Upon completing the visit to the staff office, recruits shall ask:
“Sir/Ma’am, will that be all, Sir/Ma’am?”

Once dismissed, recruits shall look to their left and to their right, to make sure no one is walking past or standing behind them. Then the recruit shall take one step to the rear, and exit.

When entering the staff office, recruits shall remove their covers (caps) as they pass the threshold of the first doorway. Recruits shall put their covers on as they exit the staff office.

Operations ExplorerRecruits entering the staff office to inquire information from the Operations Explorer shall follow the reporting instructions above.

On rare occasion, recruits may be called to the “Annex” which is located in classroom K-1. When reporting to the Annex, recruits shall knock three (3) times loudly on the door, then enter. The reporting procedures shall be the same as it is to enter the Staff Office.

Running or yelling in the staff office is prohibited.