MIDTERM EXAM INFORMATION Midterm Exam will be administered, May 2nd at 0800 hours. Please do not arrive prior to 0715 hours. Report to STARS or COC and take the exam from the comfort of your own vehicle. AV Academy contact Deputy Thom for instructions for the day. If you are sick or have any Covid symptoms, do not report to either location. Call us and let us know your situation. Everyone in vehicle will need to have a PPE (Mask), at least two pencils and a hard surface to write on, clipboard, book …or something similar. Upon arrival recruits will be directed to park in designated platoon areas. Parking in every other stall to leave distance between vehicles. If you carpool with someone else in another platoon, just pick one of the recruit’s platoon and let us know, who is in the vehicle. STARS Center recruits will take the test in the southeast parking lot near the ATM. The test will begin promptly at 8am. When everyone in the vehicle has completed the exam, turn on your vehicles head lights and we will collect the test(s) and you will be free to leave. The test should take anywhere between 45 to 90 minutes to complete. (Additionally, we will be handing out PT gear for any recruits that were absent in the 2nd or 3rd week that did not receive their printed T-shirts or sweatshirts and Class B name strips, ordered from Sheriff’s Relief. ) Continue to stay safe ! As always contact us with any questions