“I liked everything. The whole atmosphere of how everything we did was tied into actual experiences we could have. I learned to never give up on myself or others.”

Explorer Celeste J.
LASD Industry Station – Class 89


“I went through a different explorer academy, totally different, to become an explorer. I personally think that this academy is the best. I see myself as a better person with a lot of confidence, responsibility, respect, and discipline.”

Explorer Jeovany V.
Long Beach PD – Class 85


“If it weren’t for this program, i have no idea where i’d be.  Since I’ve been here, I’ve lost 23 pounds.  If that’s not a good change, then I have no idea what is!”

Explorer Robert J.
LASD East LA Station – Class 93


“Before this academy, I had no self-discipline and no hope or faith in myself. If not for the staff, I might not be here today. They taught me self-discipline, courage and hope.”

Explorer Jazmin L.
LASD Cerritos Station – Class 85


“[The program] gave me strength and taught me to be honest at all times, to earn what I really want, and that nothing comes easy.”

Explorer Gerardo S.
LASD East LA Station – Class 89

“This program, and specifically this academy, are one of the last great programs for the youth of Los Angeles County.  As a graduate of Explorer Academy Class 27, the LASD Explorer Program Coordinator, and the STARS Explorer Academy Staff Sergeant for almost 15 years, I have personally witnessed the positive transformations of over 1000 young people, as a result of attending this program.  I am extremely proud of all of the graduates of this great institution and program, and have great expectations and hopes for the future of those youth, as well as the Explorer Academy program.”

Sergeant K. Roller
LASD Explorer Program Coordinator (2013-2019)



“Taking part in the LASD Explorer Academy program helped me to discover three things that are very important to me today: leadership in the community, life commitment to physical excellence, and application of professionalism to my job today. I apply these same valuable leadership lessons daily in my life as an officer in the United States Army. The explorer academy really built a strong foundation of real world leadership skills that I value highly today.”

Lieutenant Eric K. (US Army)
United States Military Academy at West Point Graduate (2012)
Former LASD Explorer (Class 75)