Academy Staff

STARS Explorer Training Academy Staff

The STARS Explorer Academy training staff consists of Sheriff’s Deputies and Sheriff’s civilian personnel who volunteer their time (on their day off) to provide a high quality training program for the explorer recruits. The staff is led by the LASD Explorer Program Coordinator Sergeant who oversees and administers the entire explorer training academy program. The deputies and others are assigned as platoon staff instructors, and are commonly referred to as “D.I.’s” (Drill Instructors).

The STARS Explorer Training Academy is actually two programs that operate simultaneously. The first component is the recruit training, and the second is the explorer staff instructor cadre. Within the explorer staff cadre, there are two positions: Explorer Staff Instructors (commonly referred to as “D.I.’s) and Explorer Interns.

The Explorer staff consists of individuals who have successfully completed the STARS Explorer Training Academy and have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills.  STARS Explorer Staff Instructors are probational and must successfully complete the intensive LASD Explorer Leadership Institute (ELI) program, within one year of being appointed by the Staff Sergeant.  They also must have the recommendation of their respective explorer post advisor.

Explorer Interns are selected by the Staff Sergeant, on a probational basis, and have to learn the administrative and support operations aspects of the program, before being considered for an explorer staff instructor position. All explorer staff must perform to a high standard in order to remain on the staff.

The explorer staff is supervised & directed by a senior explorer, known as the “Ram-Rod”. The “Ram-Rod” is also responsible for supervising the explorer staff instructors and for overseeing the recruit class. The Explorer Interns are supervised & directed by the “Intern Coach”.

The academy recruits ALWAYS come before the training staff.  The academy experience is theirs, and it is the mission of the staff to provide a safe, fun, and structured learning environment for them, holding the recruits accountable along the way.  The training staff at the STARS Explorer Academy lead by example; they will never have what the recruits do not have (for example: staff will not wear jackets during inclement weather unless the recruits have been issued theirs).  The staff only wear the authorized uniforms of the LASD, and are required to shine their uniform boots, just as the recruits are expected to do.

The training staff is always available and willing to assist with any phase of the explorer training academy, during normal explorer academy hours.

The academy staff for Class 100 is listed below:

Staff Sergeant: Sergeant Roller Explorer Ram-Rod: Explorer Jackson
Assistant Coordinator: Deputy Cordova Explorer Intern Coach: Explorer Partida
1st Platoon:
Deputy Kassabian
Officer Wong
Explorer Romero
Explorer Patino
2nd Platoon:
Deputy Tellez
Officer Arroyo
Explorer Silva
Explorer Gardea
3rd Platoon:
Deputy Moguel
Officer Gustin
Explorer Tafolla
Explorers McGrattan
4th Platoon:
Deputy Cervantes
Deputy Winfrey
Explorer Espinoza
Explorer Tzab
5th Platoon:
Deputy Cordova / Sergeant Romo
Officer Auner
Explorer Medina
Explorer Raymond
6th Platoon:
7th Platoon:
8th Platoon: